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Install Signal Desktop from source on Linux Fedora

Since there is no official available package for Fedora, there are some solutions like installing Singal as Flatpak package. However, Flatpak installation is not the way to always stay updated with the latest release and may cause problems.
The solution for that problem is building Signal Dekstop from source, directly from GitHub.

Install the newest Node.js on Debian

It is possible to install the newest package of Node.js in Debian and Debian-based distros by adding the NodeSource repository. Official Debian repository contains only the old version of Node which is not supported by some projects. Follow these steps to install the newest available version.

Cec-client and libcec on RaspberryPi OSMC/Raspbian

How to install libcec and cec-client on Raspberry Pi with Debian jessie? The following instruction is valid for the newest OSMC and Raspbian images based on Jessie distro. Building a cec-client package directly on Raspberry Pi is required, because of the problem with preinstalled cec-utils that doesn’t work with built-in cec driver.